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10 Basic Makeup Tips And Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Woman and makeup are always inseparable; from the very basic of simply putting on red lipstick for a perfect pout, to the expertly-mapped contour. Woman wears makeup for herself, to look good, feel good and be confident in her own skin. Makeup is basically consists of layers of products, applied gracefully on the face and added with a hint of arts. To get the perfect, flawless makeup finish look, there are a number of makeup tips and tricks shared by the experts. These steps to help you in getting the picture-perfect look for any kind of makeup, during any occasion. You must try it!

1. Mixing foundation with few drops of argan oil

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For a lighter, dewier finish look, there is a simple trick. By adding few drops of argan oil to any foundation and mixing the two before applying, your foundation contains more moisture hence will create a dewy look. Your face will look more radiant with a glass-looking skin.

2. Conceal dark circles and puffy eyes by creating a triangle

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More often than not, concealer is used to cover dark circles and puffy eyes. However, dotting concealer in the spots may not work best. The best way is to apply it in an upside-down triangular formation, with the base of the triangle is directly under the lash line. It helps to conceal any spots and creates the illusion that your face is lift.

3. Pressing your fingers on your face after applying foundation for smoother and more natural look

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Some prefer to use brush, others may like beauty blender more. Any tool you use to blend your foundation depends on your preference. However, the best trick to finish off the job is by pressing your fingers lightly on your face. The warmth from your hands heats up the product and allows it to blend evenly. It helps to create a smoother, more natural finish look.

4. Use a spoon to create the perfect wing liner

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By using a spoon, you can easily create the perfect wing liner. Hold the stem of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye to draw a straight line. Then, use the rounded outer edge to draw the curved winged effect. Next, fill in the blank space. Easy peasy!

5. Use a spoon to avoid mascara marks on the upper eye lid

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By using the same spoon, hold it on your eyelid and apply mascara as usual. The spoon protects your eye lid from any mascara marks.

6. Add few drops of saline solution to reuse a clumpy mascara

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After a while, mascara tends to get dry and become flaky. Afraid not, you can add few drops of saline solution to revive it again. Now it is good as new!

7. Use hair dryer to heat up eyelash curler

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Eyelash curler is an important tool for makeup routine. For an optimum effect, heat up your eyelash curler with hair dryer. Wait until it slightly cool (you do not want to burn your eye lid), and try it on your hand first. Then, clamp down on your lashed to curl it.

8. Use the “cinnamon bun method” for the perfect cheekbone

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For the perfect cheekbone, apply blusher using the “cinnamon bun method”. Using a blusher brush, apply blusher in circular motions, starting at the apple of the cheek and slowly make larger circles.

9. Draw an ‘X’ mark on upper lip for a perfect cupid’s bow

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To get the perfect pout, draw an ‘X’ mark on your upper lip using a lip liner. Then, apply your lipstick as usual. Instant perfect pout!

10. Line your lips with lip liner of the same shade with your lips before applying lipstick

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To get a long lasting lipstick, line your lips with a lip line that has the same shade with your lips. Then, apply your favourite lipstick as usual. 

Follow these helpful tips to greatly improve your makeup experience. If you are looking for makeup products, check out Pinkboxcereal's attractive makeup kits.

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