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What is the #emergencybeautykit?

 #emergencybeautykit is the pink packaging that brought you here!
You can shop anything in this website & we will send you the items in our fabulous pink packaging according to the total order of your purchase.  

Click here to see the types of packaging that we offer!

How many packaging will I get?

 We will fit everything that you bought in 1 packaging.
But if it doesn’t fit, we will put in an extra packaging for free!

What if I want extra packaging? Can I buy them?

 Sorry dolls, we do not sell our pink packagings. In case you want an extra packaging,
you can split your order into two purchases.
Meaning you will have to pay for separate orders / shipping.

How many days does it take for me to receive my #emergencybeautykit?

 Usually it will take top 3-4 working days, in some festive or sale season – it might take up to a week.
But we always practice next day delivery & try our best to get it to you ASAP!

What is the “store-credit”?

 You will receive some amount of rebate after shopping at our website.
You can redeem that amount in your next purchase by clicking on the redeem button at the check out page.

I have a coupon, how can I use it?

 Coupons can be used at the check out page, find the coupon code section & type in your coupon code.

Can I get my oder customized for a wedding / birthday gift?

 Yes, we love to help you with that! Let us know in the remarks & we will write a note on your behalf!