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Replacement Policy.

All of our products are seal-wrapped & carefully packed for each delivery. Unfortunately, any damages that occur during the shipping is beyond our control.

But no worries, we love our customers so much that we put you first in our replacement policy.

Attention : Damaged items that apply to this policy are only items that are badly damaged to the extent that it is not possible or safe to be used for the first time. No replacement for #emergencybeautykit box or outer packaging.


I received my items badly damaged, how can I get a replacement?

1. Send a picture of the damaged items via email for replacement request within 24 hours of receiving the items.

2. Carefully pack the items and send it back to our HQ within 3 days.

3. We will pass the damaged products to our courier partner for further investigation.

4. After approval, we will notify you for shipping charges (RM10 WM / RM15 EM).

5. After receiving the shipping payment, we will ship your item straight away!


That sounds like too much work. I dont want a replacement. Do i have other options? Yes!

1. Send a picture of the damaged items via whatsapp / email within 24 hours of receiving the items.

2. HQ will process your request, this might take 2-3 working days.

3. After approval, HQ will insert a RM10.00 store credit to your account.


My item is MILDLY damaged, still can function well but I am not happy. What can I do?

1. Send a picture of the mildly damaged item via email / whatsapp within 24 hours of receiving the items.

2. After approval from HQ, we will issue a coupon for you to buy the same product at 50% discount. This coupon only valids within 7 days upon issuing.

3. You do not need to return the damaged products to us.